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About The Rift

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We're a Minecraft Survival RPG Server currently in development.
Our mission is to create a complete and unique experience
that combines RPG elements from games like WoW
and implement it in an interactive and fun PVP experience!

Join our discord to follow our progress!

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Planned Features

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Unique and Robust Class system.
Level up and gain power!

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Unlock powerful abilities!
Cast skills with devastating effects!

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Custom Items

Forge and Discover powerful custom items!
Mod your weapon to your playstyle!

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Establish a town and invite your friends.
Go to war with other towns and claim territory!

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Trade with players and NPC's.
Interact with a living universe!

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Enter dungeons to face unique mobs and bosses!
Grind levels and find epic loot!


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Cast incendiary magic
to destroy your opponents.

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Assassinate targets with
shadows and shuriken.

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Track enemies alongside
your companions and hunt
them down.

Pyro Abilities

Pyromancer Skills

Level 0: Fireball
Level 5: WorldOnFire
Level 15: Blaze
Level 25: Pyroclasm
Level 35: Combust

Hunter Abilities

Hunter Skills

Level 0:
Level 2:
Level 4:
Level 6:
Level 8:

Ninja Abilities

Ninja Skills

Level 0:
Level 2:
Level 4:
Level 6:
Level 8:

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